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Time to update

I have been busy, so I should get started.

Been coming up with new things for music. Some are turning out well, and others not as much. It is funny when something sounds good in your head, but not in real life. Been using more variety to get certain sounds.

The person I love and waited for has come back. I never thought this would happen. Communication is better. What bothers me is I am happy, yet sad. I have the one I love. That should be enough. Sadly, 7 months of pain do not just disappear and it is coming out. I have been writing more in my personal journal, as well as telling her how I feel. I am not going to keep this bottled up. That never works. Also, new pains have come up from events that happened during that period, and I am dealing with those in a healthy manner.

Aside from that, things are just there. Work is dull, I cleaned to fight off boredom, and now I am about to eat.

Shifting gears

It has been a little bit since I posted, so I am figured it would be time to update.

Had to do a lot of self-reflection, and I am still doing it, and I think the outcome has been good thus far. Getting ideas for music, trying to iron them out. That is always a fun thing.

On top of that, I am changing shifts at work. While second shift might blow, I still have a job.

I have to make this one quick as I am trying to get some stuff done. I will try and update more often.

Music making

Well, I was feeling really down, and still am, but I am trying to cheer up. I have been writing and soon I will be taking out my bass to write a main theme riff.

I cannot sing, I know this. So, I am writing an instrumental (ok, more than one). See, I also feel my lyrics are sub-par, so I will just do it via sound. I realized that love, and pain, and everything in between, is a feeling that words can never really grasp. They can invoke, and they can try to describe, but the feelings are more fluid than that. So, using my prog rock influences, I am giving that a shot.

Now, I am thinking of starting with bass, hitting up rhythm on guitar (good ol Epiphone Casino), maybe making a blues scale or two (Strat works), and maybe something with a bite (Pacifica will do nicely).

Though this is tough. Making a song that could be 30 minutes long... whew... I can do it.


I awake to storms. Not a bad thing, hopefully it means some things will be cooler today.

Feeling really down today. Been down all damn week really.

I have been facing some personal demons. While not fun, I know it is a good thing. I think it will help me feel better.

Back at it

Well, after a hot weekend, it is nice to cool off. I have next Sunday off, which should be nice. Another day to get more done.

Lately I have been feeling down. More depressing thoughts come up. What sucks is I cannot afford a doctor to help me. Going about this shit alone sucks, and I wish it upon no one. Music helps, but only so much.

Speaking of music, I have been writing more. Not just lyrics, but instrumentals. I feel those lack today, and I always liked them. Though I have never done a 25 minute song before, but I guess I will give it a go.

The fourth

Well, this fourth is bittersweet. While I have good company and good food, I feel... empty. I wouldn't say I feel down, but that would be a way of describing it.

On another note, I am still working on music, keeping my mind busy. It works about half the time.

I have to complain to work. They screwed me out of 4 hours on my check. Believe me, I am pissed about that.

The week of the fourth

Well, I have had a decent weekend, and week, so far. Work went well last weekend, blew by pretty quick. Some parts sucked more than others, but that is normal.

Had lunch with my uncle this week, caught up on a lot of stuff, and enjoyed bullshitting for a couple hours. It had been too long since I had last seen him. His son is growing up, things are good at home, and he seems to be enjoying life.

CONvergence is coming up. I know several people going, and sadly I have never gone. Yes, it is a giant nerdfest, but I am a nerd, and a geek. I would enjoy myself a lot. My best friend is going, and I hope she has a blast. Hope... I do not need to hope for that, I know she will.

Went to a birthday party yesterday. It was a lot of fun. Brought the guitar and jammed with some really cool people, met some nice folks, and just had an all around good time. I am glad I went. I was going to dip out of there early, but I decided to stay. I am glad I did.

Been writing more these days, which makes me feel better. Still doesn't fill the gap I feel. Maybe emotional void would be a better way of putting it. I really do not "feel" much. Haven't for about six months. Though I will say this, lack of emotion does make some things easier.

Heat and music

So, it is hot. The AC has been my best friend. Had to run to South Saint Paul, then go get food, and now I am finally relaxing.

So, I was thinking of my Casino (the guitar) and the P-90 pick ups on it. I think I can make some interesting sounds with those. While I have single coils on my Strat, they are not as high output as these, with fewer windings, different magnets, and different winding style. So, the Epiphone is going up to bat. I am messing with reverb and slight echo. Not too much in the way of distortion. That actually seems to work better on the Strat, because of the lower output. Now, if I was doing more of a metal sound, or really hard rock, I would use the Epi.

I cannot sing, so I am taking a stab at writing and making instrumentals. Figure why the hell not? You can say just as much through sound as you can words. It is the influence of ELP and Pink Floyd, I am sure of it. But, I have more to say than words can make. I have a lot to say.

Looking back

I was looking back at old journal entries, not only of myself but of people I knew. It is amazing how some things change, and others do not. Like, people keep the same style, are wordy, some not so much. Others post photos and pictures while others have very few. But the topics change. It is interesting to see such growth and change in topics.

I have changed a bit too. In how I construct thoughts, and my writing style. Also, my view points. That makes sense though since people do change over time.

So, I should put some sort of update. Went out last night, had a blast, met some cool people. Also, I met a sound engineer with whom I got along with very well. We talked about music and are hoping to collaborate. That will be fun.

Power outage

So, last week I lost power. It was Friday morning. A storm rolled through, causing a good amount of damage. Then another one did. Kept power, but lost internet. Made for an exciting weekend though.

This week does indeed suck. Axle boot tore, grease everywhere, repairs happening. Yeah, not fun. Though while that might suck, I have been reading and writing more. Always a good thing.

Not too much to update at the moment. All I know is I have stuff to get done.

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